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Anti-Corruption Team Catches Moradabad Electricity Department Clerk Red-Handed, Arrested for Accepting a Bribe of Thirty Thousand Rupees

In Moradabad, the Anti-Corruption Bureau team apprehended Sharad Bhatnagar, a clerk in the Electricity Department, on Wednesday for accepting a bribe of thirty thousand rupees. A case has been registered against the accused at the Kotghar police station.

Mo. Siraj, a resident of Chouraha in Galshahid, had submitted a complaint letter to the Anti-Corruption Bureau office located on Kanth Road on June 24, 2023. In his complaint, he stated that his cousin brother, Talib Hussain, works in Delhi and their family resides in the city. Siraj is engaged in their domestic work. The electricity department team had caught them stealing electricity at their residence. JE (Junior Engineer) Pramod Kumar discovered a total load of 148 watts, and he reported it on June 23. Mo. Siraj went to Shivpuri's electricity office with the necessary documents and met the clerk, Sharad Bhatnagar. At that time, the clerk informed him that a receipt of twenty thousand rupees would be issued, and an additional ten thousand rupees would need to be given.

The accused clerk demanded a bribe of thirty thousand rupees. On Wednesday, the Anti-Corruption Bureau team coated the notes worth thirty thousand rupees with powder and handed them over to Mo. Siraj. As soon as Mo. Siraj went to the Shivpuri electricity office and handed the money to the clerk, the team apprehended him. Vijay Kumar Singh, the in-charge inspector of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, stated that upon receiving the complaint, they set up a trap and caught the clerk red-handed. In addition to apprehending him, they also seized the thirty thousand rupees. A case has been registered at the Katghar police station in this matter.

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