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Douglas and Shailendra Join Forces for their Highly Anticipated Upcoming Collaboration

The collaboration between Hollywood legends Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones and renowned Indian filmmaker Shailendra Singh has created a buzz in the film industry. Their latest project, "Unplugged in Mumbai," is gaining recognition at The Los Angeles Short Film Festival, captivating audiences with its extraordinary depiction of friendship and cinematic excellence.

The film offers a captivating glimpse into the lives of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones as they embark on a one-day adventure through the vibrant streets and cultural landmarks of Mumbai. Starting at the iconic Gateway of India, their journey takes them to the historic Babulnath Temple and the mesmerizing Dhobi Ghat, where they witness the world's largest manual Laundromat in action.

In "Unplugged in Mumbai," Shailendra Singh treats the Hollywood power couple to a mesmerizing Sufi concert, featuring talented musicians from the Jaipur Palace. Catherine Zeta-Jones even takes the spotlight in a captivating dance performance by the renowned Shiamak Davar's dance troupe, showcasing her remarkable talent and her deep appreciation for Bollywood. The film culminates in a surprising and emotional ending, leaving even the most dedicated fans in awe.

Sharing his experience, Michael Douglas expresses, "Catherine and I have a profound connection to India, and our visit to see Shailendra was incredibly inspiring. I've always been amazed at Shailendra's energy and his ability to bring any story to life. He has captured our adventure in the most incredible way."

Douglas recently made an exciting announcement at the Indian Pavilion at Cannes in the presence of I&B Minister L Murugan. He expressed his interest in reigniting the film "Racing the Monsoon," the third installment in the Romancing the Stone and Jewel of the Nile series, with Shailendra Singh. Murugan showed his full support for the project, offering his assistance in making it a reality.

Reflecting on his unique filmmaking approach, Shailendra Singh remarks, "The type of cinema that I create, known as 'Unplugged Cinema by Shailendra Singh,' is raw and authentic, with no expectations or limitations. I built it around the three of us—the memories we created in 24 hours, along with the spirit and energy of Mumbai, India. It's unplugged cinema, and I'm receiving unexpected respect and results. Being selected at the Los Angeles Short Film Festival is a dream come true, albeit in a small way."

Adding to Singh's sentiments, Catherine Zeta-Jones shares, "Shailendra has an infectious enthusiasm and deep pride for his country. He is not only a talented filmmaker but also a remarkable individual. He is caring, philanthropic, and a successful businessman. He embodies the qualities of a great human being and a global citizen."

As Shailendra Singh celebrates his 25th year in cinema, he promises a series of celebrations and exciting announcements, both locally and globally, by the end of this year. The world eagerly awaits the future projects and endeavors of this visionary filmmaker who continues to push boundaries and create impactful cinema.

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