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Prime Minister Modi Champions Uniform Civil Code, Criticizes Opposition Unity with Vigorous Passion

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi advocated for the implementation of a Uniform Civil Code in India. He emphasized the need for Indian Muslims to understand why certain sections of society are inciting and taking advantage of them, ultimately causing their own destruction. Prime Minister Modi highlighted that the Constitution guarantees equal rights to all citizens, and the Supreme Court has consistently urged the government to establish a Common Civil Code.

Speaking at the Motilal Nehru Stadium during an interaction with BJP's booth-level workers, PM Modi addressed the issue of the Uniform Civil Code, stating that a family cannot function properly if there are different laws for different members. He questioned how a country can operate with such a dual system, emphasizing the importance of a uniform code.

The State BJP organized a digital rally for grassroots workers from 10 lakh booths across the country. Over two hours, the Prime Minister engaged with 3,000 booth workers, representing each assembly constituency. The event was telecast to 10 lakh booths, where workers gathered to receive leadership lessons from the Prime Minister.

Continuing his discussion on the Uniform Civil Code, PM Modi reiterated that the Constitution guarantees equal rights for all citizens. He criticized those who prioritize vote-bank politics, asserting that if they truly had the best interests of Muslims at heart, the majority of Muslim families would not face educational and economic backwardness. He highlighted that the Supreme Court has repeatedly called for the implementation of the Common Civil Code.

PM Modi claimed that Muslims, especially the Pasmanda community, have been adversely affected by vote-bank politics. He acknowledged the exploitation and difficulties faced by the community, stressing that the BJP is committed to "Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas" (Together with all, Development for all). He mentioned that Muslims also benefit from schemes such as Ayushman Yojana and PM Awas Yojana. PM Modi urged BJP workers to engage with the Muslim community and address their concerns to dispel any doubts.

Responding to a question from a BJP booth worker in Gujarat, the Prime Minister criticized the unity meeting of the opposition parties in Patna. He claimed that the opposition parties' unity was driven by their compulsion to protect themselves from action against corruption. PM Modi highlighted the opposition's restlessness, suggesting that the people of India have already decided to bring the BJP government back to power in the 2024 parliamentary elections.

Taking a swipe at the Congress party's election guarantees, PM Modi warned about the guarantee of corruption and scams worth lakhs of crores. He mentioned several alleged scams involving Congress, RJD, TMC, DMK, and NCP leaders. He assured that action would be taken against the corrupt and stated that the opposition's unity is an attempt to shield themselves from such actions.

Addressing dynastic politics, the Prime Minister criticized parties that prioritize the interests of their own families and children. He urged the electorate to consider whose benefits they want: the Gandhi family, Mulayam Singh's son, Lalu Yadav's family, Sharad Pawar's daughter, or their own children and grandchildren. PM Modi emphasized that voting for the BJP would lead to progress for their own families.

Prime Minister Modi made it clear to booth workers that the BJP would not resort to appeasement politics but would focus on ensuring the satisfaction and full implementation of government schemes. He emphasized that electricity and water supply should be accessible to everyone without discrimination based on caste, creed, or connections. He cautioned against the widening gap between communities caused by appeasement politics in some states. PM Modi urged BJP workers to ensure that all eligible beneficiaries receive their entitled benefits, aiming for 100% saturation.

In response to a question from a worker in Uttar Pradesh, the Prime Minister accused vote-bank politicians who support Triple Talaq of major injustice to Muslim

 women. He highlighted the broader impact of Triple Talaq, not only affecting women but also their parents and brothers. PM Modi pointed out that several Muslim-majority and Islamic countries, including Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia, Qatar, Jordan, Syria, and Bangladesh, have banned Triple Talaq, suggesting that it is not necessary.

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