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Eid Blessings Turned Nightmare: Promised Opportunity Leads to Unspeakable Horror as Innocence is Shattered

On June 26th, a conversation took place between Rahul and the victim over the phone. During this call, the accused lured her to come to Harthala in the Civil Lines area on June 28th. He promised her a job and even offered to provide an advance payment, ensuring her a joyful Eid celebration.

Under the pretense of helping her secure a job in the Civil Lines area of Muradabad, the dairy supervisor and his three accomplices subjected the young woman from Bijnor to a heinous act of group sexual assault. When she resisted, they threatened her with dire consequences, instilling fear for her life. Frightened and traumatized, the victim decided to report the incident to the police, leading to the arrest of the dairy supervisor.

The 28-year-old woman, hailing from Nurpur Thana region in Bijnor, narrated that she occasionally traveled to Muradabad to collect medicine for her mother. On one such trip, she encountered Rahul Sharma, a resident of Kokarpur, during a bus journey. Rahul assured her of helping her find a job in a private company and obtained her mobile number.

On June 26th, Rahul and the victim communicated again over the phone, and he persuaded her to come to Harthala around noon on June 28th. He mentioned that he would arrange for her office work and that they could meet there. Following his instructions, the victim arrived at the specified location, where Rahul was already waiting on a scooter.

After getting off the bus, the victim was seated on the scooter by Rahul, who informed her that they were heading to the office. However, instead of taking her to an office, Rahul stopped the scooter outside a house. Inside the house were three young men already present. The woman noticed there was no office as promised, and when she raised her concerns, Rahul assured her they would only stay there for a short while before heading to the office.

During this time, Rahul offered her a cold drink. Tragically, as she consumed it, Rahul and his associates seized and restrained her. Despite her resistance, they pointed a gun at her to silence her, and then forced a cloth into her mouth. Afterward, Rahul, along with his friends Bhudev, Sachin, and an unidentified young man, sexually assaulted the woman, subjecting her to a horrifying ordeal.

The victim bravely opposed this heinous act, but the accused perpetrators callously used the threat of violence to suppress her resistance. The traumatic event left the woman in utter distress, and she sought justice by coming forward and filing a complaint with the police. Consequently, the dairy supervisor, Rahul Sharma, has been taken into custody.

It is essential to address such appalling crimes promptly and ensure that perpetrators are brought to justice to prevent further atrocities and protect the safety and dignity of individuals in society. Acts of violence and abuse must never be tolerated, and every effort should be made to create a secure and respectful environment for everyone. The victim deserves support and compassion as she deals with the aftermath of this horrendous ordeal. By raising awareness and advocating for change, we can collectively work towards a society free from violence and exploitation.

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