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Four couples caught in a house: People surround the home, catch one man, three escape; girls found to be underage.

Police took the underage girls and a young man to the police station for questioning after they were surrounded by people in a neighborhood of Sambhal Kotwali area. The crowd had cornered four couples who were gathered in a house. During this incident, three young men managed to escape, while one young man was apprehended and faced an angry mob.

The police were informed by the public about the situation, and they arrived at the scene to take the underage girls and the young man to the police station for further inquiry. Subsequently, their relatives were summoned by the police. The residents of the neighborhood revealed that all the girls present with the young men were underage.

According to the accounts, the four couples were present in the house when the incident took place. Three young men managed to flee the scene by deceiving the crowd, while the officer-in-charge of the Kotwali, Omkar Singh, explained that one of the young men's father reported that they were mistakenly caught due to a misunderstanding. He clarified that they had no malicious intentions inside the house. Following the clarification, the girls were handed over to their respective families, and the young man was also released. If any complaint had been filed, appropriate action would have been taken.

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