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Threads App Engagement: From Boom to Chill - What's Next?

In a remarkable whirlwind of initial success driven predominantly by Indian users, Meta's Threads app soared into the social media sphere, only to experience a decline in popularity and engagement as time passed.

According to data sourced from the app intelligence firm Sensor Tower, the Threads app experienced a meteoric rise in the week of July 18-22, largely due to the overwhelming number of installations from India. However, as the initial user interest gradually waned, the app's engagement recorded a steep fall. Globally, the daily average time spent and session counts per user for Threads on July 18 plummeted by more than 75% compared to the numbers on July 6, highlighting the diminishing enthusiasm among users.

Impressively, Threads managed to achieve a remarkable milestone, garnering 95 million downloads as of July 18. The top five markets for app downloads since its launch were India (28%), the US (13%), Brazil (13%), Mexico (5%), and Japan (4%), underscoring the global appeal of the application. Remarkably, India has emerged as Twitter's second-largest market, trailing only behind the US, both in terms of lifetime downloads and monthly active users. During its launch, Threads witnessed an unprecedented surge, amassing over 40 million downloads worldwide on its inaugural day, making it the most downloaded app to achieve such a feat in the last decade. However, despite this initial triumph, Threads experienced a substantial decline in new sign-ups, with downloads falling an average of 22% day-on-day from July 7 through July 18, as reported by Sensor Tower analysts.

Vikas Chawla, the co-founder of Social Beat, a digital marketing firm, offers his insights into the current state of Threads. He reveals that the app has predominantly attracted the Indian Instagram user base, offering a contrast to Twitter's traditional image as a platform for the "intellectual elite." Threads, on the other hand, has positioned itself as a social network for all, creating a potentially vast user base in India. Chawla believes that the app's future adoption in the country could be significantly influenced by its product strategy in the upcoming weeks, hinting at the possibility of a resurgence if Threads effectively addresses user needs and preferences.

In conclusion, the Threads app's journey has been nothing short of fascinating, with an explosive rise in installations driven by Indian users, followed by a subsequent decline in user engagement. Nevertheless, the app continues to hold immense potential, particularly in India's dynamic digital landscape, where its product strategy may prove instrumental in shaping its future trajectory. As Threads navigates the ever-evolving social media landscape, only time will reveal its true fate and whether it can recapture the initial buzz it once generated.

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