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Moradabad Tragedy: Culprits Behind Engineer's Murder for Ransom Sentenced to Imprisonment, Extracted Twenty Lakh Rupees from Relatives

The Verdict: Justice Served for Engineer's Abduction-Murder in Kundarki
Kundarki's Resilient Pursuit for Justice: On October 10, 2014, Farukh Khan, a resident of Kajipur in Kundarki, filed a case that marked the beginning of a grim saga. In his complaint, he revealed the abduction of his nephew, Mohammad Iqram. As the police investigation unfolded, it was unveiled that Iqram's abduction was carried out to extort ransom money, culminating in his tragic murder.

A Long-Awaited Verdict: After nearly a decade, the heart-wrenching case of the 9-year-old engineer, Mohammad Iqram, reached its culmination in the District Judge's courtroom on Friday. The court pronounced the verdict, deeming three perpetrators guilty of abduction and murder, and imposed a life sentence on each of them. Furthermore, a substantial monetary penalty was also levied upon each of the convicts. It was revealed that Iqram was mercilessly killed even before the abductors could lay claim to the twenty lakh rupees ransom.

Engineering a Criminal Case: Advocate Mohammad Farukh Khan, a resident of Kajipur in Kundarki, was the one who initiated the legal process on October 10, 2014. In his complaint, he narrated the tale of his nephew, Mohammad Iqram, who was a well-regarded 9-year-old engineer. Iqram was employed as an ABRS mobile tower engineer in Rajajipuram, Lucknow. He had returned home to celebrate Bakrid with his family.

The Unfateful Night: On the night of October 9, Iqram was on his way back to Lucknow. A relative, Jan Alam, came to bid him farewell at Gold Chauraha. Iqram was carrying two laptops, two mobile phones, a camera, and some cash. While they were conversing, a car arrived on the scene. The occupants of the car, identifying themselves as acquaintances, offered to drop Iqram to Moradabad. Naive and unsuspecting, Iqram accepted the offer and got into the car.

Later, Alam returned home. Around 10 PM, a call was made from Iqram's mobile number to his mother, Jameela Begum's mobile phone. The caller conveyed that Iqram had been abducted and that if they wanted him alive, they needed to arrange a sum of twenty lakh rupees.

A Web of Deceit and Greed: The abductors demanded a hefty ransom from the family while keeping them in the dark about Iqram's fate. On October 16, the police apprehended Rajendra and Dharampal from Rampura in Sambhal district. During interrogation, it was revealed that Iqram had been murdered.

The police recovered Iqram's body from a well in Badhauti jungle, located within the limits of Badayu police station. The culprits involved in the crime were Shakil son of Nur Mohammad, Kamal son of Bhikan, and Nur Mohammad son of Buddan. The police seized the ransom money from their possession.

Court Proceedings and the Verdict: The case underwent a rigorous legal process in front of District Judge Dr. Ajay Kumar. During the trial, both the prosecution and defense presented their arguments. Ultimately, after analyzing the evidence and the witnesses' testimonies, the court found all three accused guilty of abduction and murder. They were sentenced to life imprisonment and fined one lakh forty-five thousand rupees each. Furthermore, 75% of the fine will be given to Iqram's elderly mother, Jameela Begum.

This verdict marks a critical chapter in the pursuit of justice for Mohammad Iqram. The court's decision, coupled with the conviction of the accused, aims to provide solace to the grieving family and stand as a testament to the power of the legal system.

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