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Mohammad Kasim Achieves Remarkable 135th Rank in PCS-J Exam, Proving Success Beyond His Father's Street Food Stall; Shares Inspiring Journey until 2012.

Someone once said that if you have the courage to dream, the destination finds its own way to you. It's a story of unwavering determination and resilience, one that begins in the humble settings of Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh, where a young man named Mohammad Kasim, a resident of Rukunuddin Sarai, Sambhal, defied the odds and conquered the PCS-J examination.
In this examination, Mohammad Kasim, the son of a laborer, secured an impressive 135th rank, etching his name into the annals of success. Reflecting on his journey, Kasim shared the remarkable transformation he underwent. He mentioned how he used to help his father wash dishes at a local eatery, and it was there that he learned the art of selling food. Inspired by this experience, he started his own street food stall, and this journey continued until 2012.

Kasim's daily routine was a testament to his dedication. He would work from 6 AM to 4 PM, then attend tuition classes until 6 PM. Before heading to work in the morning, he dedicated time to studying. He managed to juggle work and study, making remarkable progress until 2012.

Reaching this milestone, Kasim reflected on the transformative power of education and hard work. He emphasized that he didn't merely work; he learned valuable lessons along the way. Kasim's journey from washing dishes to running his food stall taught him valuable skills. His mother played a pivotal role in motivating him, constantly reminding him of the potential that education held for him.

Kasim highlighted the notion that one can achieve celebrity status through various avenues—be it by being a politician's child, a celebrity's offspring, or excelling in education. He realized this firsthand when he witnessed the warm welcome and admiration from his village community. Education and knowledge could indeed elevate one's status in society.

Reflecting on his educational journey, Kasim explained that it all began in a primary school where he started from the first class and quickly progressed to reading fifth-grade books. Although he could read in Hindi, English remained a challenge. However, through perseverance and dedication, he learned to construct English sentences and gained admission to Ziaul Ulloom Inter College in the seventh grade.

Kasim faced academic hurdles during his high school years and even failed in 2008. However, he passed the high school examination in 2009. When he joined the intermediate college in 2009, he never anticipated the long and challenging path ahead. He had to overcome numerous obstacles. His classmates, who were proficient in English, made him feel out of place since he came from a Hindi medium background. Despite these difficulties, with the guidance and support of Professor Wasim Husain, he managed to learn English and successfully pursued a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Political Science.

Kasim observed that many students from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) pursued a career as judges after graduating. This inspired him to aim for Delhi University (DU) to pursue a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree. Despite initial setbacks and doubts, Kasim secured admission to DU, where he faced an English-intensive environment. The challenges were immense, but Kasim persevered, and his dedication paid off as he pursued his B.A. LL.B.

Kasim's journey was marked by continuous preparation and improvement. Even when he faced disappointment during the Main examination, he didn't lose hope. Instead, he started preparing for the interview just two weeks before the scheduled date. He recognized the power of effective communication and believed that his ability to articulate his thoughts effectively played a crucial role in his selection. As he embarks on his journey as a judge, Kasim is determined to deliver justice and fulfill the hopes of those seeking justice.

In conclusion, Mohammad Kasim's journey is a testament to the transformative power of determination, hard work, and the pursuit of education. From washing dishes to becoming a successful candidate in the PCS-J examination, Kasim's story is an inspiration for all those who dream big and are willing to put in the effort to achieve their goals. His journey highlights the importance of never giving up and believing in oneself, regardless of the challenges faced along the way.

Certainly, let's delve deeper into the inspiring journey of Mohammad Kasim, who rose from humble beginnings to achieve remarkable success.

Kasim's educational odyssey was a relentless pursuit of knowledge and excellence. He recalled his early school days where he would be the first to arrive at the classroom and eagerly devour fifth-grade books while still in the first grade. However, the language barrier was a significant hurdle, particularly in English. Determined to overcome this obstacle, he devoted himself to mastering the language, and his journey into the world of education continued to progress.

As he entered the seventh grade and joined Ziaul Ulloom Inter College, his academic journey faced its first major challenge. It was here that he realized the significant gap in English proficiency between himself and his classmates. This setback, rather than discouraging him, ignited his determination to excel. Under the guidance of dedicated professors and through sheer perseverance, Kasim gradually bridged the language gap and earned his place in the college.

Kasim's journey was a rollercoaster of academic struggles and triumphs. He faced adversity again when he failed the high school examination in 2008, but he didn't let that deter him. The following year, he passed the high school exam, marking a turning point in his educational path.

His pursuit of higher education took him to a new set of challenges when he joined an intermediate college in 2009. The language barrier in English became even more evident in this environment, as his classmates were proficient in the language. Despite the difficulties, Kasim remained resilient. With the unwavering support of his professors, especially Professor Wasim Husain, he not only overcame the language barrier but also excelled in his studies, earning a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Political Science.

The realization of his potential and aspirations grew stronger during his time at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). Kasim observed that many of his peers from AMU pursued careers as judges, sparking a newfound ambition within him. This desire led him to aim for admission to Delhi University (DU) to pursue a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree.

The transition to DU was far from smooth, as Kasim had to adapt to an English-intensive environment. The cultural shift and academic challenges were immense, but Kasim was unwavering in his determination. With relentless dedication, he not only embraced English but also excelled academically, steadily progressing toward his LL.B. degree.

Kasim's journey was marked by continuous learning and perseverance. Despite facing disappointment during the Main examination, he didn't lose hope. Instead, he channeled his determination into interview preparation, starting just two weeks before the scheduled date. His belief in the power of effective communication played a pivotal role in his selection, showcasing his ability to articulate thoughts clearly and persuasively.

Today, as Mohammad Kasim embarks on his career as a judge, he carries with him the lessons learned through years of dedication and determination. His journey is a testament to the power of education, resilience, and self-belief. Kasim's story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for countless individuals who may be facing their own challenges and obstacles, reminding us all that with unwavering determination, one can overcome any adversity and achieve their dreams.

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