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Courageous Woman Constable Exposes Corruption: Moradabad Court Denies Bail in Dilari Police Station Bribery Case!

In the case related to the acceptance of a five-thousand-rupee bribe at the Dilari Police Station, the woman constable assigned to the station had demanded the bribe. She was apprehended by the Anti-Corruption Team and has since been in custody.

Pinki Sharma, the female constable accused of accepting a bribe of five thousand rupees at Dilari Police Station, had her bail plea rejected by the court of Special Judge Pran Vijay Singh under the Prevention of Corruption Act. Hasmat Ali, a resident of Badhera in Dilari, had filed a complaint with the anti-corruption organization, stating that several cases were registered against him.

On the evening of November third, at six o'clock, Constable Pinki Sharma called him to meet her. Upon reaching the station on November sixth, he met with the constable. Constable Pinki Sharma, by instilling fear of arrest, had demanded a bribe of twenty-five thousand rupees. Hasmat requested time for this and, after Diwali, mentioned paying five thousand rupees as the first installment.

In response to this complaint, a trap team was formed by the anti-corruption organization. This team apprehended Constable Pinki Sharma on November twentieth while accepting a bribe of five thousand rupees. SSP Hemraj Meena had suspended Constable Pinki Sharma and issued orders for a departmental inquiry.

The accused constable filed a bail application, which was opposed by government lawyer Pankaj Mahant. The court rejected Pinki Sharma's bail application.

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