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NIA Raids Uncover Fake Currency Rackets Across Four States

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) conducted raids across four states on Saturday, aiming to dismantle Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICN) rackets operating in various regions of the country. The operations were carried out in connection with an NIA investigation initiated on November 24, 2023. This case is linked to a broader conspiracy orchestrated by suspected individuals, involving the trafficking of FICN across borders and the promotion of its circulation throughout different states in India.

NIA teams executed crackdowns in multiple locations, including Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh, along with Maharashtra, Bihar, and Karnataka. The investigative focus began at the premises of Vivek Thakur, also known as Aditya Singh, in Shahjahanpur district. Simultaneously, searches were conducted at the residence of Mahendar in Ballari district, Karnataka, and at the locations of other suspects: Shiva Patil and Bhimrav in Yavatmal district, Maharashtra, and Shashi Bhushan in Rohtas district, Bihar.

During these searches, the authorities confiscated FICN with a face value of Rs 6,600, denominated in Rs 500, Rs 200, and Rs 100 notes. Additionally, currency printing papers were seized from the residence of Vivek Thakur, who, along with Shiva Patil and others, was involved in procuring counterfeit currency and related printing accessories from neighboring countries for distribution across India, according to NIA statements.

Further investigations by the NIA brought to light that Rahul Tanaji Patil utilized fraudulently obtained SIM cards to facilitate payments, promising the supply of fake currency notes. The search at Mahender's residence resulted in the discovery of a printer intended for use in the production of FICN. The NIA stated, "Investigations continue in the case," indicating an ongoing effort to unravel the complexities of the FICN network and apprehend all those involved.

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