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Suspicious Death of Security Guard Tejpal Singh Unfolds in Rajakpur Village, Family Raises Homicide Concerns

In the village of Rajakpur in the Naugawan Sadat police station area, a private company's security guard named Tejpal, aged 40, met a suspicious demise. His lifeless body was discovered in his own field, prompting relatives to express concerns about foul play. Upon reaching the scene, the police have dispatched the body for a post-mortem examination. Tejpal Singh, the deceased security guard, is survived by his wife Poonam and four children, two sons, and two daughters.

Tejpal Singh worked as a security guard in a private company located in the Kotwali area of Diddauli. He was on duty for 24 hours. According to family members, he was supposed to return home around 8 p.m. after completing his duty on Thursday. However, Tejpal Singh informed his wife Poonam over the phone that he was going to visit his sister Harvati's house in Mohammadī Ki Maḍhaiṅyā.

Later at 10:30 p.m., when Poonam called Harvati to inquire about Tejpal Singh's arrival, she denied any knowledge of him planning to come. Subsequently, Tejpal Singh's phone became unreachable. Concerned, the family initiated a search for him. On Friday morning at 7 a.m., Tejpal Singh's niece Gudiya and his nephew's wife Savita went to the field to cut sugarcane, where they discovered Tejpal Singh's bike standing, and about fifty meters away, he was found unconscious.

Inspector Pankaj Tomar, along with the force, promptly reached the scene upon receiving the information. Chief Executive Officer Anjali Kataria also conducted an investigation. The police seized a water bottle, food items, and an empty bottle of alcohol from the crime scene. Tejpal Singh's jacket, muffler, and belt were found near his body, with blood oozing from his mouth. Family members suspected foul play in his death. CEO Anjali Kataria mentioned that a post-mortem examination is being conducted, and further action will be taken based on the statements of the relatives and the post-mortem report.

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