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Sambhal Election 2024: Ziaur Rahman Triumphs Over BJP’s Saini, Upholding Grandfather's Legacy

In Sambhal, SP candidate Ziaur Rahman Barq is leading, with the BJP candidate trailing behind. The key question now is whether Sambhal will see a new face or continue the Barq legacy.
SP candidate Ziaur Rahman Barq has defeated BJP's Parmeshwar Lal Saini by 1.14 lakh votes in the Sambhal Lok Sabha constituency. The victory was celebrated enthusiastically by supporters and coalition workers, while BJP members were left disappointed.

Parmeshwar Lal Saini received 428,883 votes, while Ziaur Rahman Barq secured 543,260 votes. This marks Saini's second consecutive defeat, as he also lost to Ziaur Rahman Barq’s grandfather, Dr. Shafiqur Rahman Barq, in the 2019 elections.

The BJP made another attempt this time, but Parmeshwar Lal Saini failed to succeed again. Now, Ziaur Rahman Barq will carry forward his grandfather's political legacy in Sambhal. During the counting, BSP candidate Saulat Ali did not appear to be a significant contender.

The Sambhal Lok Sabha constituency includes the assembly segments of Sambhal, Chandausi, Asmoli, Bilari, and Kundarki. Vote counting for Sambhal, Asmoli, and Chandausi is taking place at the warehouse in Bahjoi.

In the third phase of voting on May 7, 62.83% of the 1,897,882 registered voters in the Sambhal Lok Sabha constituency cast their votes, totaling 1,192,680. Among these, 54.33% were male and 45.67% female voters.

**Sambhal Lok Sabha: Round 2 Results**
- SP: 38,939
- BJP: 38,330
- BSP: 15,340
- SP candidate leads by over 10,000 votes

**Sambhal Lok Sabha: Round 6 Results**
- SP: 111,676
- BJP: 95,244
- BSP: 39,888
- SP candidate leads by 16,432 votes

**Sambhal Lok Sabha: Round 8 Results**
- SP: 138,155
- BJP: 135,507
- BSP: 54,196
- SP candidate leads by 2,648 votes

To save their deposit, candidates need to secure 199,000 votes. Twelve candidates contested from the Sambhal Lok Sabha seat, with SP, BJP, and BSP being the major parties. Each candidate must secure 1/6 of the total votes cast (1,192,860) to save their deposit.

Political analysts suggest that only candidates from the major parties will be able to save their deposits. The remaining nine candidates are unlikely to secure 199,000 votes, which is a challenging target for those outside the major parties.

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