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The Sambhal News: A Heartfelt Bow in Worship on Bakrid, Embracing Prayers and Hugging Together

The festival of Bakrid was celebrated with utmost devotion and respect across the district on Thursday. Prayers were offered in Eidgahs and mosques, seeking peace, harmony, and prosperity. After the prayers, the ritual of sacrifice (kurbani) was performed, with people offering sacrifices of goats. The occasion also witnessed the exchange of warm greetings and embraces among individuals. Comprehensive security arrangements were made for the festival, and magistrates were present throughout the day to ensure a smooth celebration.

Bakrid prayers were observed with reverence at several mosques, including Eidgahs. The timing for the prayers was fixed from seven-thirty in the morning to nine o'clock, varying at different locations. A large number of Muslim individuals prostrated before Allah, offering prayers and seeking blessings for the well-being of their country. Appeals were made to celebrate this festival of sacrifice with peace and tranquility. The enthusiasm of children regarding Bakrid was noticeable, as they dressed in colorful attire, exchanged greetings, and extended their heartfelt wishes. The Eidgah presented a festive atmosphere throughout the morning, resembling a fair. Scholars emphasized the importance of not refusing any sacrifice for the sake of truth. The tradition of sacrifice continued from morning prayers and extended until late evening.

The police administration remained vigilant across the district, ensuring strict security measures at all major intersections, public places, and in areas prone to disturbances. Policemen were deployed even in plain clothes to keep an eye on any disruptive elements. The District Magistrate Manish Bansal and Superintendent of Police Chakresh Mishra personally supervised the security from their posts at Chaudhary Sarai. Additionally, the Deputy District Magistrate Pradeep Verma, Additional Superintendent of Police Shrishand, SDM Sunil Trivedi, and CO Jitendra Singh inspected the security arrangements during the prayers at the Eidgah.

In Sambhal, Bakrid was celebrated with devotion and respect. The police administration ensured peacekeeping measures during the festivities. People greeted each other warmly, embracing and exchanging Eid wishes. Maulana Syed Ehtesham Ali Nakvi at Shia Jama Masjid, Mufti Azim Raja Noori at Sunni Jama Masjid, Maulana Misam Abbas at Masjid Sarki Sadat, Maulana Kazi Hussain Raja at Masjid Kaba-e-Sani, Maulana Shameem at Masjid Imam Raja, Mufti Mohammad Asif at Sunni Eidgah Bilari Road, Maulana Mohammad Riyaz at Mohammadi Masjid, and Maulana Iqrar Raja Abdhi at Masjid Zahra led the prayers at their respective mosques. Furthermore, prayers were offered at various other mosques as well.

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