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Apple's 2024 Lineup Unveiled: New iPad Air, iPad Pro, and MacBook Air Models with Exciting Features and Accessories

In anticipation of the upcoming Spring, Apple is gearing up for a substantial refresh of its iPad and Mac product lines, introducing several new models. The forthcoming releases, expected in early 2024, encompass a spectrum of devices, including a new iPad Air, iPad Pro, and revamped accessories. Additionally, a new iteration of the MacBook Air is in the works, slated for an early release in the next calendar year.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reports the development of two new iPad models scheduled for a late March launch. These models, identified as the iPad Air and iPad Pro, will each be offered in two distinct sizes, marking a notable departure for the iPad Air. The iPad Air is poised to be available in 10.9 inches and 12.9 inches, a departure from its historical uniformity, providing consumers with diversified choices at various price points. Gurman speculates that this move aims to cater to consumer preferences for larger displays without the premium cost associated with the iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro, maintaining its conventional bifurcation into 11 inches and 13 inches, is set to undergo a display technology shift. Unlike previous iterations, the iPad Pro models will feature OLED instead of miniLED. Furthermore, an anticipated hardware upgrade awaits the Pro models, with an M3 chip projected to power these two variants. Accompanying the new iPad Pro, Apple is developing a suite of Magic accessories, encompassing a new Apple Pencil and two revamped Magic Keyboards, constructed from aluminum to deliver a more laptop-like user experience.

In the realm of MacBooks, the MacBook Air is poised for a hardware upgrade, although a design refresh is not on the horizon. Gurman hints at the imminent incorporation of the M3 chip in both the 13-inch and the recently introduced 15-inch MacBook Air models. Despite the absence of a visual overhaul, these hardware enhancements are anticipated to inject new life into the MacBook Air lineup.

The scheduled release for the new iPad models and MacBook Air is pegged for March, coinciding with the rollout of iPadOS 17.4 and macOS 14.3 updates. Gurman suggests that Apple is strategically positioning these new releases to stimulate demand in the upcoming year. The previous year witnessed a decline in iPad and Mac sales, attributed to the absence of new models in 2023—a departure from the historical trend. Concurrently, the broader computer industry has experienced a slump in Mac sales, echoing the post-pandemic challenges faced by the sector.

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