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NCP's Electrifying Chessboard: Ajit Pawar's Camp Claims Majority, Awhad Teases Thrilling Await for Sharad Pawar's Next Move!

In a dramatic turn of events, Jitendra Awhad, the newly-appointed Leader of Opposition in the Maharashtra Assembly, made intriguing statements regarding the number of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) MLAs aligned with Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar. Awhad indicated that the true picture would only emerge when party supremo Sharad Pawar personally contacted the legislators. The situation grew more complex as families of several MLAs expressed their dissent by reaching out to party leaders to voice their opposition to the recent developments.

A close aide of Ajit Pawar claimed that an impressive 36 out of 53 NCP MLAs had pledged their support to the new deputy CM, and the numbers were expected to rise to 46 within a few days. However, Awhad responded to these assertions by urging patience and advising everyone to await Sharad Pawar's active involvement in the situation, as he would personally reach out to his MLAs.

Awhad took the opportunity to criticize Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, highlighting the irony of his alliance with Ajit Pawar. Awhad pointed out that Shinde had frequently criticized Ajit Pawar's role in the Maha Vikas Aghadi government. The Mumra-Kalwa MLA from Thane district emphasized that Shinde had previously voiced his discontent about the finance minister, Ajit Pawar, not allocating sufficient funds to Shiv Sena MLAs under the MVA rule. Therefore, Awhad asserted that the public was fully aware of the underlying motivations behind this sudden collaboration.

Earlier, Awhad had been appointed as the chief whip of the NCP state unit by party president Jayant Patil, along with assuming the position of LoP in the Assembly. In light of the expected defection and disqualification issues arising from the split within the NCP, Awhad asserted his authority, stating that all MLAs would be required to adhere to his directives.

When questioned about the possible influence of ongoing investigations by the Enforcement Directorate and the Central Bureau of Investigation into certain NCP leaders and their role in the party's realignments, Awhad insinuated that these probes may have played a part in the decision of some leaders to join the state government. He expressed his belief that such drastic measures were unnecessary, suggesting that these leaders could have remained independent. Awhad also reminded them not to forget that it was the NCP that had elevated them to the position of ministers over the past 25 years, emphasizing their desertion of their aging leader, 83-year-old Sharad Pawar, during his twilight years.

The swearing-in ceremony witnessed the presence of notable figures from the NCP, including Lok Sabha MPs Sunil Tatkare and Amol Kolhe, as well as Rajya Sabha member Praful Patel. The event served as a poignant symbol of the unfolding political landscape, replete with uncertainties and shifting alliances.

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